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  • Ex-sample-White-One-wedding-dresses-at-Chilham-Bridal-boutique-Kent
  • Ex-sample-White-One-wedding-dresses-at-Chilham-Bridal-boutique-UK
  • Pre-loved-White-One-wedding-dresses-at-Chilham-Bridal-boutique-Kent
  • White-One-wedding-dresses-at-Chilham-Bridal
  • White-One-wedding-dresses-at-Chilham-Bridal-boutique
  • White-One-wedding-dresses-at-Chilham-Bridal-boutique-UK

White One

Remember that incredible feeling when you first fell in love with your fiancé/fiancée? Well, be prepared for all that emotion to come flooding back when you try our White One wedding dresses.

Based in the capital of bridal fashion, this Barcelona label exudes nothing less than high fashion, mastery of craftsmanship and a wealth of delicate details.

Renowned for marrying the playful and the feminine, our modern White One wedding dresses are every contemporary bride’s fantasy, and better still, our entire range of affordable designer gowns is made up of heavily discounted, sustainable ex-sample and pre-loved designs.

That’s right, luxury, personal and sustainable shopping all for an affordable price. Book an appointment at Chilham Bridal to find your dream dress with us!